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Atlas, A-Z
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Atlas, A-Z
Alphabetical Listing of Resources on the Atlas of Public Policy and Management

<<< LINKS TO RESOURCES (button on left) provides the same links organized by navigational location


Accreditation of MPP and MPA Programs - links to accreditors and other resources

All Categories Map - links to pages or collections for each of the eight
                components of analysis (domains, subjects, courses, teaching topics,
                concepts, advisory topics, reports and references)

Atlas Framework for Comparing Curricular Content - how the field of public
                policy and management is modeled and mapped to facilitate
                comparison of online content 

Best Practices Databases - links to online databases on best practices in policy

Best Practices in Public Management - detail on the research project that funds the Atlas  

Blogs & Media - links and RSS feeds from blogs and media in public management 

Canada-OECD Liaison Map - links to subject matter responsibilities of Canadian government organizations and OECD liaison offices 

Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) - links to resources

CAPPA Research Map - links to research papers at CAPPA conferences, by subject

Career Tips - links to advice on skills and insights

Comparative Research Map - outline of a map for research centres focusing on the comparative study of public policy and management

Competencies and Learning Assessment - links to course assignments and grading rubrics

Competencies Map - public policy and management competencies specified by employers and accrediting agencies

Concept Dictionary - links to the 1000 key concepts and terms, arranged alphabetically 
                  [Note: this site may take a few seconds to load]

Concepts Map - links to the key concepts taught in each subject

Country Performance Indices - links to sites that rank performance of countries

CSPS Courses Map - Canada School of Public Service courses, arranged by subject

Curriculum Comparison Tables - how course offerings in Master's programs differ in distribution of instruction, by Atlas subject and NASPAA competency

ICPP Research Map - links to research papers at the first ICPP conference, by subject

Institutes & Journals - links to think tanks and journals in public management

International Agencies - links to organizations providing advice

Illustrative Courses - links to selected course pages, including an analysis and commentary

Learning Assessment Map - examples of course assignments and grading rubrics

MPP/MPA Programs - links to many of the world's leading programs

NASPAA Competencies - including NASPAA Competencies Map with links arrayed
               according to the NASPAA domains of universal required competencies

OECD Competencies and Job Descriptions - including Core Competencies

Online Glossaries - glossaries and encyclopaedias related to public management

Open Courses (MOOCs) Map - links to the MOOCs relevant to public policy and management]

Open Courseware in Public Management - links to online courses (MOOCs) and resources

Practice Advice Map - links to summaries of advice on public policy and management
                 from international agencies

References Map - links to RefWorks folders of bibliographic references in selected topics

References MapStudent Papers - links to RefWorks folders of bibliographic references in student papers

Reports Map - links to downloaded international agency reports, by subject

Study Reports - links to downloaded advisory documents from international agencies

Subjects and Domains - links to the sites for each of the 34 subjects
                 [Note: some subject sites such as Public Financial Management contain further links to Additional Resources]

TBS Key Leadership Competencies - links to the 2005 report

Teaching Topics Map - links to teaching topics in each subject

Topic Encyclopedia - links to over 400 teaching and advisory topics, arranged alphabetically

Topic Grid for Public Policy and Management - a set of normed topics derived from course syllabi in MPP/MPA
                 programs and practice advice in IGO reports 

Using the Search Function - tips for finding pages, phrases and documents in the Atlas database


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