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CSPS Courses Mapped on Competencies

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 CSPS Courses Mapped against Key Leadership Competencies

[Below is the page copied from on 17 March 2013]

Symbols Key: Public Servant, Functional Specialist, Supervisor Manager  Senior Manager Senior Executive

Learning activities at the Canada School have been mapped against the Key Leadership Competencies External link, Opens in a new window.

Use these leadership competencies to self-assess against the requirements of your present job and to start planning for future positions in the public service.

  1. Values and Ethics
    Serving with integrity and respect
  2. Strategic Thinking
    Innovating through analysis and design
  3. Engagement
    Mobilizing people, organizations, partners
  4. Management Excellence
    Action Management - Design and Execution
    People Management - Individual and Workforce
    Financial Management - Budget and Assets

Values and Ethics

Professional Values

Ethical Values

Strategic Thinking


Understanding the World and the Future


Client Service

Evolving Institutions




Citizen Engagement

Team Building

Management Excellence

Management Excellence: Action Management

Integrated Business Planning and Reporting

Government Decision Making

Program Delivery

Security Management

Project Management

Horizontal Management

Change Management

Crisis Management

Risk Management

Information Management


Management Excellence: People Management

Integrated Human Resources Planning (Individual/Organizational)

Human Resources

Organization and Classification

Training and Development

Management Excellence: Financial Management

Financial Planning and Budgeting

Financial Policy and Systems

Accounting and Reporting


Asset Management

Financial Analysis


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