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PPG 1000 - Governance and Institutions

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PPG 1000  - 
Governance and Institutions 

University of Toronto 

Picture: Matthew Mendelsohn
Matthew Mendelsohn
Picture Placeholder: Josh Hjartarson
Josh Hjartarson


This core course will be co-taught in Fall 2012. The first 8-weeks will be taught by Josh Hjartarson, Vice-President, Policy and Government Relations at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, and the final 4-weeks by Matthew Mendelsohn, Director of the Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation and a former Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Relations and Democratic Renewal for Ontario, respectively.
It focuses on how political, social and economic forces play out in the making of public policy in a set of critical issues facing Canadians. Together the two sections will provide a solid base for students’ more detailed study of policy and governance in future courses. Here the concern will be with the conceptual framework of institutions, values, ideas, power, and discourse within which policy is formulated and political actors interact with each other.

Intellectual Property Owner:
Linda White and Phil Triadafilopoulos

Level Descriptor: First Year Masters 

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PPG 1000H Governance and Institutions Winter 2010 White_Triadafilopoulos.pdfPPG 1000H Governance and Institutions Winter 2010 White_TriadafilopoulosDaniel Oettl

 ReferenceBank Links

  RefBank: Balancing Transparency and Secrecy in Government
  RefBank: Elections and Voter Policy Choice
  RefBank: Executive-Legislative Relations
  RefBank: From Government to Governance
  RefBank: Indigenous Governance
  RefBank: Local Governance
  RefBank: Political Parties and Policy Making
  RefBank: Stakeholder Democracy and Participatory Governance
  RefBank: The Courts, Judicial Review, Rights and Democracy
  RefBank: The International/Domestic Nexus
  RefBank: The Mass Media, Policy Initiative and Public Support
  RefBank: Executive Authority, Cabinet and Leadership
  RefBank: Governance and the Performance of Democratic Government
  RefBank: Parliamentary, Presidential and Decentralized Unitary Systems
  RefBank: The Neo-Institutional Approach
  RefBank: Implications of New Public Management in Canada
  RefBank: The Political Executive and Public Policy
  RefBank: The Westminster Parliamentary System
  RefBank: The Role of the Public Service
  RefBank: Governance and the Performance of Democratic Government

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