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Topic Grid for Public Policy and Management

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Topic Grid for Public Policy and Management
A set of normed topics derived from course syllabi in MPP/MPA programs and practice advice in IGO reports

The Topic Grid depicts the field of public policy and management, as modeled in the Atlas framework, for the purpose of describing curricular content in MPP and MPA programs. In the Atlas framework, the field of public policy and management comprises approximately one thousand mutually exclusive normed topics (the Atlas teaching and advisory topics), each having the quantum of curricular content associated with one 3-hour class and assigned readings. (See Atlas Framework for Analyzing Curricular Content for an explanation of terms.) 

The normed topics are distributed among mutually exclusive subject categories as indicated by the 1,020 grid cells within the 34 subject boxes. The number and distribution of normed topics has been estimated by making projections from the following sample populations (numbers as of 8 February 2014): 1) the course offerings in 27 Master's Programs Analyzed to Date; 2) the class topics in the syllabi of 130 Illustrative Courses; and 3) the advisory topics constructed from 59 IGO Reports. The 294 normed topics that have been generated to date (in the form of topic pages on the Atlas) are indicated by the numbered cells on the grid, teaching topics being numbered from the upper left of the subject box and advisory topics from the lower right.

The Topic Grid can be used for data visualization of curricular content in individual programs. See, for example, Topic Grid for Carleton SPPA Courses and Topic Grid for Toronto SPPG Courses.

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