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Analytic Methods

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Agency Theory*
Application of SPNE to Bargaining*
Cheap Talk*
Collective Action and Collective Inaction Games*
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Cost Effectiveness*
Criteria for Decision Making
Decision Analysis*
Decision-making under Uncertainty*
Equilibrium Selection*
Foundations of Game Theory*
Generating Alternatives*
Games with Incomplete Information*
Game Theory and Strategic Interaction
Impact of Bias on Decision-Making
Key Concepts and Practices of Policy Analysis
Leadership and Decision
Making Tradeoffs*
Mixed Strategies*
Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection*
Multiple Nash Equilibria*
Nash Equilibrium*
Political Analysis*
Policy Instruments and Tools
Political Stakeholder Analysis*
Prisoners' Dilemma and its Applications*
Pure Strategy*
Race, Gender and Other Group Identities Impact on Decision-making
Repeated Games*
Risk vs. Performance
Sensitivity Analysis*
Sequential Move Games*
Signaling Games*
Strategic Alignment*
Strategy and Voting*
The Bardach Policy Analysis Frameworks*
Time Preferences*
Use of Evidence*

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