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Evaluation and Performance Measurement

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A Few Priority Measures—Plus More (Behn's Report, November 2007)
“Compared with What?” (Behn's Report, September 2008)
Danger of Using Too Few Measures (Behn's Report, October 2007)
Dashboards as Data Dumps (Behn's Report, July 2008)
Data Collection Strategies
Evaluation Purposes, Types and Questions
Evaluation Uses
Framing the Theories of Evaluation
How Do We Evaluate Policy?
Measure Outputs (Behn's Report, June 2004)
Measurement is Rarely Enough (Behn's Report, May 2008)
Multiple Performance Measures (Behn's Report, August 2004)
No Perfect Performance Measure (Behn's Report, February 2009)
Performance Management
Performance Measurement
Performance Targets (Behn's Report, September 2003)
Obsessed with "Best Practice" (Behn's Report, July 2006)
Only a Very Few Priority Measures (Behn's Report, September 2007)
Perennial and Emerging Issues in Evaluation
Resistance to Measurement (Behn's Report, November 2005
Stretch Targets (Behn's Report, December 2011)
The Magical Performance System (Behn's Report, January 2005)
The Performance-Target Ethic (Behn's Report, November 2008)
There is Never a Single Cause (Behn's Report, May 2013)
Why Measure Performance? (Behn's Report, July 2004)

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