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Assessing and Communicating Effectiveness in Third Sector Governance and Management
Ceremonial Speaking: Toasts, Tributes and Eulogies*
Communication, Media and the Practice of Government
Communications: Getting the Message Out
Connecting with your Audience*
Communicating through Arts and Culture*
Communicating through the Media*
Crisis Communication: Public Leadership in Difficult Times*
Dealing with the Media*
Elements of Rhetoric: Logos, Ethos, Pathos*
Empathy: Your Personal Credibility and Trustworthiness*
Expressing Identity: Acknowledging the Color of Your Lens*
Facing a Skeptical or Hostile Audience*
Five Secrets of Powerful Communicators*
Framing the Argument: Debates and Dialogues*
Generating Emotional Impact: Storytelling*
Keeping It Real: Identity, Integrity, Inspiration*
Mastery Over Memorization*
Metaphors, Messaging, and Mobilization*
Op-Ed Writing and Publishing
Rhetoric, Persuasion and Public Deliberation*
Speaking On the Spot: What to Say—and How to Say It*
Thinking on your Feet: Handling Questions and Answers*
Vision and Values: Brevity, Levity, Clarity, Charity*

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