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Reference Map - Student Papers
References from Student Papers, organized alphabetically by Public Policy and Management Domain

This site houses a collection of references from selected papers produced by students in Canadian public policy and public administration graduate programs, supplemented with references from student research papers. These are organized by title under the four domains of public management. If you would like to browse or search the entire set of references using the RefWorks interface click here. RefWorks can generate a bibliography of selected references in any of several standard formats.

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Tools and Skills

  Benefits of Targeted Investment in Childcare
  Centralized Wage Negotiation in Northern Ireland
  Conditional Cash Transfers - Opportunity NYC Pilot
  Effects of Economic Liberalization on Canadian Cultural Policy
  Effects of Universal and Targeted Childcare Programs for At-Risk Children
  Identity Structures in Israel
  Intellectual Roots of Deep Environmentalism
  Interventions into Childhood Obesity - Literature Review
  Long Hours and the Power Imbalance in the New Economy
  Minimum Wages and Poverty
  Reorganization of the Male Model of Work
  Social Capital and Political Voice
  Toronto Tamil Demonstrations
  Universal Vs Targeted Childcare Benefits

Institutions and Context

  Brazil-Canada Relations
  Canada Immigration
  Democracy and Human Rights - What to Do
  E-Consultations and the Democratic Deficit
  Effective Governance of the Internet
  Freedom, Citizenship and the Dangers of Capitalism
  Globalization and the Participation Rights of Children
  Governance in Toronto a Decade on from Amalgamation
  Harper's Policy Package on Crime and Punishment
  ILO Declaration on Social Justice and Fair Globalization
  Indigenous Organization in a Globalized World
  National and Local Effects of Globalization
  Why Today's NDP has Gone Astray, and Why it is Needed More than Ever
  Women in Canada's Parliament

Management Functions

  Canada's Crisis of Confidence
  Citizen-Centred Service Delivery and the Rise of e-Government
  Climate Change and Market Instruments
  Leadership and Issue Management - Listeria Outbreak in Canada
  Human Resources Management - Anticipating Change
  Local Procurement under the WTO
  Note to US President on Flu Pandemic
  Policy Advice for Canada regarding Brazil Post-KEEP
  Policy and Leadership in Aboriginal Affairs in Canada and Australia
  Protections for Live-in Caregivers
  Reasonable Accommodation Debate - Responses to a Crisis of Perception
  Reforming the Ontario Building Code
  Restoring Federal-Provincial Equity, or Costly Diversion
  Strategic Advice for National Response to Flu Pandemic in a Globalized World
  Federal Gun Registry
  Wind Farm NIMBYism - Post Green Plan Policy Options

Policy Sectors

  Built Environment and Physical Activity
  Constitutional Issues in Cimate Change Regulation
  Consultation and Governance in Urban Design
  Cycling and Automobility in Toronto
  Energy, Economy and Environment in Canada's 21st Century
  Environmental Policy in North America
  Food Crisis and Environmental Sustainability
  Implications of Global Patent Policy on Access to Medicine in Developing Countries
  International Development - Dangers of Societal Complacency
  International Development - Female Education in Nigeria
  International Development - Microfinance in China
  International Development - The Case of CIDA
  International Development - Gender Mainstreaming in Afghanistan
  Liability during Post-Abandonment Phase of Carbon Capture
  Policymaking and Health Care

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