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Quantitative Methods Reference

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Quantitative Methods Reference PPG 1004 Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis, Fall 2009

Topics relate to a single textbook reference: Orley Ashenfelter, Phillip B. Levine and David J. Zimmerman. Statistics and Econometrics.

John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 9780470009451 with chapter references associated with the topics below:


Probability Theory 1, 2

Random Variables and Probability Distributions 3

Expectations and Distributions 4, 5

Sampling, Sampling Distributions and Estimation 6, 7

Interval Estimation and Hypothesis Testing 8

Simple Linear Regression 9

Inference in Simple Linear Regression 10

Multiple Regression 11, 12

Specification Error, Multicollinearity, and Measurement Error 13

Heteroskedasticity and Serial Correlation 14

Simultaneous Equations and Panel Data Models 15, 18

Limited Dependent Variables 16

Time Series Models 17




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