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References Map
Public policy and management reference collections, organized by subject using RefShare

This site organizes bibliographic materials under public policy and management subjects. See Using the Search Function for tips of finding all resources in the Atlas databases. The 3,300+ references in References Map are derived from references assigned as course reading in Canadian public policy and public administration graduate programs, supplemented with references from student research papers (see References Map - Student Papers). RefWorks software was used to organize references by class topic or student paper topic as individual RefShare folders. (Note that, at this time, the "class topic" and "student paper topic" used to organize the reference collections are not necessarily identical to the teaching topics used in the rest of the Atlas and displayed in Teaching Topic Map.) If you would like to browse or search the entire set of references using the RefWorks interface click here. RefWorks can generate a bibliography of selected references in any of several standard formats.

Tools and Skills

 Strategy and Implementation

  Applying an Implementation Lens*
  Classical, Pluralist and Radical Perspectives
  Classical Organisation Theory*
  Challenges of Implementation*
  Culture, Sense-making and Change
  Citizens, Participation and Service Delivery*
  Group Dynamics and Decision-Making*
  Implementation and Leadership*
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 Economic Analysis

  Consumer Theory: Demand, Buying and Selling, Consumer Surplus*
  Consumer Theory: Budget Constraint, Preferences, Utility, Choice*
  Game Theory and Strategic Interaction*
  Equlibrium in a Perfectly Competitive Economy and Exchange
  Externalities and Public Goods*
  Incentive Effects of Welfare Policy and Design of Transfer Systems*
  Market Failure and Optimal Intervention*
  Monopoly and Monopoly Behaviour*
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 Quantitative Methods

  Case Study and Comparison
  Ethical Issues in Research
  Expectations and Distributions
  Heteroskedasticity and Serial Correlation
  Limited Dependent Variables
  Questions of Evidence
  Participant Observation and Ethnography
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 Management Sciences

  Descriptive Approaches
  Cost-Benefit Analysis*
  Heuristics, Bias and Emotions
  Individual and Organizational Decision Making
  Normative Approaches
  Application of Behavioural Decision Analysis to Public Policy
  Cost-Benefit Analysis with the Special Case of Morbidity and Mortality-risk Reduction
  Criteria for Decision Making*
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  Leadership, Organizational Learning and Renewal
  Leadership in the Public Sector*
  Innovation and Inertia



 Professional Practice

Institutions and Context

 Democratic Institutions and Policy Process

  Administration and Governance*
  Courts, Judicial Review, Rights and Democracy*
  Bureaucratic Politics and the Formulation of Public Policy*
  Evolution of Public Administration, Governance in Comparative Context
  Executive Authority, Cabinet and Leadership*
  Executive-Legislative Relations*
  Bureaucracy: Weberian and post-Weberian Perspectives*
  Governance and the Performance of Democratic Government
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 Socioeconomic and Political Context

  Changing Families*
  Aboriginal Peoples*
  Demographic Change
  Gender and Public Policy*
  Aboriginal Politics and Public Policy*
  Immigrant Society - Assimilation*
  Immigrant Society - Multiculturalism, Diversity and Social Cohesion*
  New Social Movements and Public Policy*
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 Ethics and Accountability

  Balancing Transparency and Secrecy in Government*
  Administrative Dimensions of Accountability*
  Affirmative Action and Employment Equity*
  Conceptions and Practices of Accountability
  Appearances, and Disclosure
  Conflict of Interest*
  Doctrine of Double Effect
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 Intergovernmental and Global Context

  Economic Globalization and Social Welfare States*
  Global Context For Policy Choices
  Globalization and its Domestic Effects*
  Globalization and Private Actor Governance
  Globalization and Public Policy*
  Globalization, Internationalization and Democracy*
  Global Norm Diffusion via Elite Networks and Socialization*
  Impact of the United States on Canadian Public Policy*
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Management Functions

 Public Financial Management

  Economic Evaluation Criteria in Budgeting
  Essentials of Public Budgeting
  Importance of Prudence
  Introduction - Function of Financial Markets and Basic Mathematics of Finance
  Politics of Money
  Processes and the Institutional Setting in Budgeting
  Public Finance and the Politics of the Budgetary Process
  Risk Management with Derivatives
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 Evaluation and Performance Measurement

  Application of Evaluation Policy*
  Evaluation Overview
  Evaluability Assessment*
  Evaluation Standards*
  Logic Modelling*
  Measuring Performance*
  Policy Evaluation*
  Program Evaluation*
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 Human Resource Management

  Assessing Performance*
  Compensation and Performance Pay*
  Developing and Retaining the Best Employees*
  Enabling the Organization
  Equity and Diversity*
  Introduction to Human Resource Management
  Learning and Organizational Performance*
  Managing Restructuring*
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 Information and Technology Management

  Cloud Computing and Democracy 2.0
  Living and Learning in a Digital World*
  Networked Government*
  Service and Security in a Digital World
  Technology, Public Administration and Governance*
  Transparency and Trust in a Digital World
  Web 2.0, Social Networking and Open Source Government*

 Program and Service Delivery

 Regulatory Policy and Management

  Allocating Resources to Risks*
  Compliance Costs*
  Demonstrating Results and Recognizing Limits*
  From A Balanced Appraoch To An Integrated Approach
  Managing Compliance and Enforcement*
  Managing Discretion, Value and Ethics*
  Practical Approaches to Harm Reduction*
  Scope of Economic and Social Regulation*
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 Nonprofit Management and Advocacy

  Innovation, Collaboration and Development
  Procurement and Partnerships
  Security and Privacy
  Stakeholders and Governance
  Interest Groups in Civil Society
  Class-based Advocacy
  Interest Groups and Elections
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 Instructions and Help

ReferenceBank Illustration.pdfReferenceBank Illustration
Search Your RefWorks Database.mhtSearch Your RefWorks Database

Policy Sectors

 Fiscal, Montetary and Tax Policy

  Aggregate Supply and Demand*
  Balances and the Exchange Rate in the Open Economy*
  Financial System*
  Growth and Productivity in the Long Run*
  Macroeconomic Indicators*
  Monetary and Fiscal Policy and Aggregate Demand*
  Monetary System: Money Demand and Supply*
  Money Growth and Inflation in the Long Run*
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 International Development

  Aid and Development*
  Civil Society and the Private Sector
  Community Base Development, Individual Empowerment and the Problem of Scale*
  Democracy, Accountability and Human Rights*
  Development Strategies*
  Early Focus, Health, Development and Program Evaluation
  Economic Role of the State*
  International Trade and Development*
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 Employment, Labour and Immigration


 Arts and Culture

 Cities and Urban Development

  Local Government*
  Local Politics and Policy Making*
  Financial Management and Fiscal Sustainability in Local Government*
  Functions of Local Government*
  Governance Issues in Local Government*
  Intergovernmental Relations in Local Government*
  Municipal Finance*
  Policy Challenges for Cities*
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  Demand for Health Care*
  Health Care Production*
  Health Provider Reimbursement Systems*
  Health System Efficiency*
  Health System Reforms*
  Macroeconomics of Health Policy*
  Moral Hazard and the Equity-Efficiency Tradeoff in Health Policy
  Socioeconomic Determinants of Population Health*
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 Social Policy and Welfare

  Early Childhood Development


  Educational Inequalities and their Origins
  Getting a Degree - Does Money Matter?

 Environment and Sustainability

  Agenda Setting in Environment Policy*
  After Kyoto
  Climate Change Policies in Canadian Provinces
  Climate Change Policy in other OECD Nations*
  Implementing Environment Policy*
  Issues in Environmental Policy*
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 Agriculture and Resources

  Mining and Fossil Fuel Extraction
  New Scarcity in Resources
  Ocean Resources and Land Mammals, the (Not So) Renewable Resources
  Property Rights, Science, Knowledge and Conflicting World Views
  Renewable Within Time Limits in Forestry Use and Management
  Scarcity, Concepts of Sustainability and Non-Renewable Resources
  Water as a Depletable Resource

 Energy, Transport and Infrastructure


 Other Policy Sectors

Important Notices
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