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Macroeconomics References

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The references for Macroeconomics are currently all from one book:

Principles of Macroeconomics – (Fourth Canadian Edition) by N. Gregory Mankiw, Ronald D. Kneebone, Kenneth J. McKenzie and Nicholas Rowe. Thomson-Nelson 2005. ISBN-13: 978-0-17-610524-2 ISBN-10: 0-17-610524-7 (hereafter PM)

The topics are listed below:

Overview of Macroeconomic Indicators (PM Chaps 5-6, Section 1)

Reading macroeconomic forecasts

Long-Run Growth and Productivity (PM Chapter 7, Section 2)

Long-Run Saving and Investment and the Financial System (PM 8, Section 3)

Unemployment and the Natural Rate; Demographics (PM 9, Section 4)

The Monetary System: Money Demand and Supply (PM 10, first part of 15, Section 5)

Money Growth and Inflation in the Long Run (PM 11, Section 6)

Open Economy – Basic Concepts (PM 12, Section 7)

How the Open Economy Works – Balances and the Exchange Rate (PM 13, Section 8)

The Short-Run ‘Business Cycle’; Aggregate Supply and Demand (PM 14, Section 9)

Monetary and Fiscal Policy and Aggregate Demand (PM 15, Section 10)


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