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Democratic Institutions and Policy Process

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Administration and Governance*
Courts, Judicial Review, Rights and Democracy*
Bureaucratic Politics and the Formulation of Public Policy*
Evolution of Public Administration, Governance in Comparative Context
Executive Authority, Cabinet and Leadership*
Executive-Legislative Relations*
Bureaucracy: Weberian and post-Weberian Perspectives*
Governance and the Performance of Democratic Government
Institutional Designs and Paths*
Deliberation, Deliberative Democracy, Citizen Engagement
Machinery of Government*
Parliamentary, Presidential and Decentralized Unitary Systems*
Political and Administrative Responsibilities*
Public Institutions, Organizing Principles and Democratic Control*
Legislative and Parliamentary Committees and the Policy Process
Representation and Responsiveness*
Lobbying and Public Policy
Media, Framing and Agenda-setting*
Multiple Party Arrangements
Westminster Parliamentary System*
Policy Cycles and Approaches*
Policy-Making Under Pressure*
Public Service, Policy Development, and Implementation
Networks and Policy*
Political Science and Public Policy, Classical Foundations and Definitions*
Public Opinion and Public Policy*
New Public Management in Canada*
Rhetoric and Acceptance in Management Reform
From Government to Governance
Public Service Renewal, Merit, Neutrality and Competence
Institutional Response to Risk
Public Management Trends and Future Directions
Management Frameworks and Central Management
Program Delivery Alternatives and New Public Management
Performance Management
Values and Ethics

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