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Management Sciences

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Descriptive Approaches
Cost-Benefit Analysis*
Heuristics, Bias and Emotions
Individual and Organizational Decision Making
Normative Approaches
Application of Behavioural Decision Analysis to Public Policy
Cost-Benefit Analysis with the Special Case of Morbidity and Mortality-risk Reduction
Criteria for Decision Making*
Gender and Culture in Decision Making
Practical Guides to Making Better Decisions
Psychological Theories of Decision Making
Key Concepts and Practices of Policy Analysis*
Quantitative Theories of Decision Making
Net Present Value Analysis*
Social Preferences
Options and Agenda-Setting
Policy Design*
Policy Instruments and Tools*
Risk vs. Performance*
Behavioural Economics and Neuroeconomics
Confirming Bias
Framing, Priming and Reasoning by Analogy
Implications for Foreign Policy
Making Decisions about Risk and Loss
Understanding Cause and Predicting Consequences
Thinking and Working as a Policy Analyst*
Thinking Qualitatively
Improving Judgements and Decisions
Societal Decision Making
Decision Analysis and Judgement under Uncertainty
Decision Making in Groups

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