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Strategy and Implementation

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Applying an Implementation Lens*
Classical, Pluralist and Radical Perspectives
Classical Organisation Theory*
Challenges of Implementation*
Culture, Sense-making and Change
Citizens, Participation and Service Delivery*
Group Dynamics and Decision-Making*
Implementation and Leadership*
How Can We Think of Organisations?*
Human Relations School
Ideology and Agenda Setting in Organizations*
Implementation, Policy Outcomes and Impacts*
Implementation Space - The Role of Government in Delivery*
Implementing Through Markets*
Implementing through Networks, Collaboration*
Knowledge Management*
Modern Legacies of the Classical Management School
Modern Organizational Design
Organizational Designs for Governance and Public Management
Organizational Strategy and Creating Public Value
Origins, Definitions and Concepts of Strategic Management
Response to Risk - An Interdisciplinary Approach*
Service Provision - Procurement and Contracting Out*
Strategic Management - Frameworks, Context and Symbolism
Strategic Planning for the Future
Strategy, Process, Implementation*
What Drives Implementation Decision-making?

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