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Economic Analysis

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Consumer Theory: Demand, Buying and Selling, Consumer Surplus*
Consumer Theory: Budget Constraint, Preferences, Utility, Choice*
Game Theory and Strategic Interaction*
Equlibrium in a Perfectly Competitive Economy and Exchange
Externalities and Public Goods*
Incentive Effects of Welfare Policy and Design of Transfer Systems*
Market Failure and Optimal Intervention*
Monopoly and Monopoly Behaviour*
Theory of the Firm: Profit Maximization, Firm Suppy, Industry Supply*
Theory of the Firm: Technology, Cost Minimization, Cost Curves*
Trade Policy: Tariffs and Quotas
Trade Policy: Winners and Losers from Trade
Tax Policy: Effects on Incentives and Wealth Distribution
The Market*
Uncertainty and Imperfect Information*
Welfare and Welfare Economics*

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