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Atlas Maps
Displays of Atlas content components and other items by public policy and management subject

As described in the Atlas Framework for Analyzing Curricular Content, curricular and advisory content on the Atlas is organized into 34 subjects within four domains. The main content categories are: illustrative courses, teaching topics, advisory topics, concepts and terms, IGO reports, competencies and reference collections. Content in each of these categories is mapped to the 34 subjects in the maps listed in Primary Maps block below. The Secondary Maps block has links to a number of other maps, some still under development. The Topic Grids display content on a grid intended to depict the approximate number of Master's-level topics in each subject.


Primary Maps (Atlas Content Categories)

Illustrative Courses Map - links to selected courses in each subject

Teaching Topics Map - links to teaching topics in each subject

Concepts Map - links to the key concepts taught in each subject

Practice Advice Map - links to summaries of advice on public policy and
                 management topics from international agencies

IGO Reports Map - links to downloaded international agency reports, by subject

Competencies Map - public policy and management competencies specified
                by employers and accrediting agencies

References Map - links to RefWorks folders of bibliographic references
                 in selected topics

All Components Map - links to pages or collections for each of the seven units of
               analysis (subjects, courses, teaching topics, concepts, advisory topics,
               reports and references)


Topic Grids (Data Visualizations)

Topic Grid for Public Policy and Management - first-order approximation of the
               number of normed topics in each subject in the entire field

Topic Grid for Carleton SPPA Courses - illustrative display of topics taught in
               required and elective courses in each subject

Topic Grid for Toronto SPPG Courses - illustrative display of topics taught in
               required and elective courses in each subject





Secondary Maps (Other Items of Interest)

Canada-OECD Liaison Map - links to subject matter responsibilities of Canadian
                government organizations and OECD liaison offices

CAPPA Research Map - links to research papers at CAPPA conferences, by subject

Comparative Research Map - outline of a map for research centres focusing on the 
                comparative study of public policy advice and management
                [TO BE DEVELOPED]

Country Performance Indices Map - the links in Country Performance Index, arranged by subject

CSPS Courses Map - Canada School of Public Service courses in 2013, arranged by subject

CSPS Publications Map - selected Canada School of Public Service publications, arranged by subject

ICPP Research Map - links to research papers at the first International Conference on
                Public Policy, by subject

Learning Assessment Map - examples of course assignments and grading rubrics,
                organized by subject [TO BE DEVELOPED]

NASPAA Competencies Map - the CompetencyMap links arrayed according to the 
                NASPAA domains of universal required competencies

OECD Map - OECD topics, bodies and key products, arranged by subject

Open Courses Map - links to the MOOCs relevant to public policy and management


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