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Strategy and Structure for Public Management

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Narratives in Networks : Inventing New Ecologies* Mrill Ingram, Raul Lejano, and Helen Ingram
Spin or Strategy ? How Story Construction Matters in the Formation of Public Opinion, Elizabeth A. Shanahan
From text to act : performing policy narratives on obesity, John Boswell
Between Ideas and Interests. Narrative Policy Analysis and the Case of EU Anti-Corruption Policies, Andrea Mignone
Language as a Foundation for Policy Regimes : The Case of Policy Analysis at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) in the United States, Samuel Workman
Solving the Puzzle Of Causality : Social Mechanisms As The Missing Link Between Institutional Features And Policy Outcomes, Simone Busetti, Bruno Dente and Erica Melloni
Networked public administration : key factors for success in a complex public-private collaboration, Victòria Alsina Burgues
Policy Portfolios and Their Design : A Meta-Analysis, M. Howlett
A typology of four tools’ choice policy mixes in policy design process, Giliberto Capano and Andrea Lippi

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