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Governance, Process and Design

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Institutional versus policy-level variables. Is it worth a debate ? Jean Leca
Democracy institutionalised in innovations viewed from the innovation system angle, Toril Ringholm
Policy network structures, institutional context, and policy change, Manuel Fischer
Soft Law Regulatory Regimes as alternative to nation State Legal System, Yuri Fogelson
Post- Regulatory Corporatism, Richard R Weiner
Conceptual Orders of the Regulatory State : Tiered Capital, Partitioned Experiment, Daniel Carpenter
Collaborative governance : New challenges and new opportunities, Cristina Zurbriggen and Lydia Garrido
Policy Experimentation as Policy Design ? Evidence from China’s Urban Housing Policy Change, Zhilin Liu
From "open up the policy-making process" towards “open policy designs,” César N. Cruz-Rubio

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