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CSPS Courses Map
How courses offered by the Canada School of Public Service match Atlas subjects

This page maps the courses described on the CSPS page Courses Mapped against Key Leadership Competencies (accessed 17 March 2013) against Atlas subjects.

Symbols Key: Public Servants  Public Servant, Functional Specialists Functional SpecialistSupervisors  Supervisor, Managers  Manager, Senior Managers  Senior Manager, Senior Executives  Senior Executive.


Analysis and Skills

Policy and Management Analysis

- Introduction to Business Process Redesign (G307) Public Servants  Supervisors  Managers  Senior Managers  
Organizational Capacity, Project Complexity and Risk Assessments (I734) Public Servants  Functional Specialists  Managers  
- Strategic Emergency Management Planning (C402) Functional Specialists  

Economic Analysis

Quantitative Methods

Analytic Methods

- Internal Policy Development (T724) Functional Specialists  
Introduction to Public Policy Development (T718) Functional Specialists  
Leading Policy Development (G106) Senior Managers  
Project Management (R901) Managers  Senior Managers  
Project Planning and Control: Techniques and Tools (R710) Managers  
Independent Project Review: Methodology and Approach (I735) Senior Managers    
- Sustainable Development: Turning Principles into Practice (T727) Functional Specialists  Supervisors  Managers  Senior Managers  
- Integrated Planning in the Public Service: An Overview (T188) Public Servants  Supervisors  Managers  

Leadership Skills

- Leading in Times of Crisis (Z118) Senior Managers  
Becoming Leaders: A Workshop for Women in the Federal Science and Technology Community (S408) Public Servants  
Creating Opportunities Through Networking  (B192) Public Servants  
Developing Talent through Coaching and Mentoring (L124) Managers  Senior Managers  
Leadership: Reflection and Action (G305) Managers  Senior Managers  
Leading for Results: Exploring Servant Leadership (G306) Managers  
Leading Transitions (S208) Managers  Senior Managers  
Leading Strategically (P113) Managers  
The Core of Change Management (E237) Managers  
Workforce Management (P013) Functional Specialists  Managers
Coaching for Effective Leadership (D101) Managers  
- Developing Performance Agreements and Learning Plans (G133) Managers  
- Employee Engagement through Transformational Leadership (G308) Supervisors  Managers  Senior Managers  
- Leading Scientific Teams (G100) Managers  
- Learning to Lead Peer Coaching Groups (L116) Supervisors  Managers  Senior Managers  
- Managing Employee Performance Issues (G132) Managers
Negotiating Skills (T006) Public Servants  Supervisors  Managers  Senior Managers  

Communication Skills

-  Being Brief: Making a Request Efficiently  (B196) Public Servants
Creating Powerful Presentations (T037) Public Servants  
Effective Management in Communications  (T003) Functional Specialists  Managers  
Effective Two Minute Briefings (Z132) Senior Managers  Senior Executives  
Improving Listening Skills (T022) Public Servants  
Interpersonal Communication Skills (P607) Public Servants  Supervisors  Managers  
Managing a Meeting (C332E) Online course Public Servants  
Orientation to Government Communications (I712) Functional Specialists  
Public Events Management (T723) Functional Specialists  
Soaring Beyond the 'Deck': Presentations with Impact (Z135) Senior Managers  Senior Executives  
Speed Reading (C337E) Online course Public Servants  
Understanding and Applying Strategic Communications (T712) Functional Specialists  
Writing Agendas, Minutes and Records (T011) Public Servants  
Writing E-mails with Expertise (T603) Public Servants  
Writing in Clear and Concise Language (T008) Public Servants  
Writing Professionally in English: Basic Skills (T009) Public Servants  
Writing Professionally in French: Basic Skills (T005) Public Servants  
Writing Reports Strategically (T015) Public Servants  Functional Specialists  Managers  
Writing Targeted Briefing Notes (T034) Public Servants  Supervisors  Managers  

Professional Practice

- Orientation to the Public Service (E131) Public Servants
- Preparing for Exams and Interviews  (B189) Public Servants   
- Preparing for Interviews and Written Tests Workshop (B164) Public Servants  
- Preparing for Selection Interviews (P609) Public Servants  Managers  
Providing Feedback from a Coaching Perspective (L122) Managers  Senior Managers  
- Teaching Techniques for Occasional Trainers (V707) Public Servants  Supervisors  Managers  
- Writing an Effective Curriculum Vitae  (B188) Public Servants  



Institutions and Context

Management Functions

Budgeting and Financial Management

- Orientation to Financial Management (F007) Supervisors  Managers  
- Accounting 101: An Introduction (F099) Public Servants  Functional Specialists  
- Accounting and Control of Expenditures (F601) Functional Specialists
- Developing Work Plans and Budgets (F706) Functional Specialists  
- Financial Knowledge in a Government Environment - Crown Corporations (Z116) Senior Executives  
- Fundamentals 1: Introduction to Procurement (M718) Public Servants  Functional Specialists  
- Fundamentals 2: Legal and Policy Environment for Procurement, Materiel Management and Real Property (M714) Public Servants  Functional Specialists  
- Fundamentals of Budget Formulation and Control (F002) Supervisors  Managers  
- Managing Public Funds (G243) Managers  Senior Managers  
- Reporting and Budgeting: A Case Study  (F225) Functional Specialists  Supervisors  Managers  
- Financial Management Systems (F113) Functional Specialists  
- Fundamentals 2: PMMRP Knowledge Tool and Job Aid (C137E) Online course Public Servants  Functional Specialists  
- Business Analysis (F106) Functional Specialists  
- Strategic Financial Management Series: Expectations Seminar (F115) Functional Specialists  
- Strategic Financial Management Series: Risk Workshop (F117) Functional Specialists  

Evaluation and Performance Measurement

- Evaluating Federal Programs and Initiatives: Introduction  (R711) Functional Specialists  Supervisors  Managers   
- Evaluating Communications Programs and Services (T720) Functional Specialists  
Linking Program Resources to Results (T191) Public Servants  Managers  

Oversight, Risk Management and Control

- Introduction to Risk Management (C210) Public Servants  
- Introduction to Risk Management (C210E) Online course Public Servants  
- Strategic Emergency Management Planning (C402) Functional Specialists  
- Operational Standard for Business Continuity Planning (T726) Functional Specialists  Managers  
- Assessing Internal Controls (A706) Functional Specialists  
- Internal Audit Orientation Workshop (A705) Functional Specialists  
- Professional Writing for Internal Auditors (A708) Functional Specialists  

Human Resource Management

- Introduction to Human Resources (P001) Public Servants  Functional Specialists  Supervisors  Managers
- Developing Performance Agreements and Learning Plans (G133) Managers  
- Communicating Difficult Decisions Effectively  (P016) Functional Specialists  Managers   
- Overview of the Work Force Adjustment Directive  (P015) Functional Specialists  Managers   
- Selection for Retention and Lay-Off  (P017) Functional Specialists  Managers  
- Transition to the Executive Role (G701) Senior Managers  
- Conducting Structured Interviews (P502) Supervisors  Managers  
- Find the Right Fit Using an Objective Eye (C139E) Online course Public Servants  Functional Specialists  
- Public Service Resourcing System (PSRS) (C198E) Online course Functional Specialists  Supervisors  Managers  
- Staffing for Staffing Assistants (P803) Public Servants  Functional Specialists  
- Staffing for Staffing Specialists - Part I (P801) Functional Specialists  
- Staffing for Staffing Specialists - Part II (P802) Functional Specialists  
- Staffing: A Resourcing Tool for Managers (P901) Supervisors  Managers  Senior Managers  
- Investigating Harassment Complaints (T703) Functional Specialists  Supervisors  Managers  
- Managing Harassment Complaints (T704) Functional Specialists  Supervisors  Managers  
- Mediating Conflict (T905) Supervisors  Managers  
- Personnel Security Screening: Advanced Level (A311) Functional Specialists  
- Labour Relations for Human Resources Advisors (P703) Functional Specialists  
- Labour Relations for Non-Specialist Human Resources Advisors (P220) Functional Specialists  
- Principles and Practices of Labour Relations for Supervisors and Managers (G244) Supervisors  Managers  Senior Managers  
- Introduction to Official Languages (P714) Functional Specialists  Managers  
- Act on Employment Equity: Expand Your Vision (C001E) Online course Supervisors  Managers  Senior Managers  
- Introduction to Employment Equity and Diversity (P720) Public Servants  Functional Specialists  Supervisors  Managers  
- Leading a Diverse Workforce (D103) Supervisors  Managers  
- Creating a Respectful Workplace (T916) Public Servants  Managers  
- Occupational Health and Safety (D002E) Online course Public Servants  
- Workplace Stress and Strategies (T601) Public Servants  
- Developing Performance Agreements and Learning Plans (G133) Managers  
- Effective Decision Making (T904) Public Servants  Managers  
- Fostering a Culture of High Performance (G215) Managers  
- Having Difficult Conversations (G131) Managers  
- Managing Employee Performance Issues (G132) Managers  
- Productive Teamwork (T413) Public Servants  
- Theories, Techniques and Tools of Supervision (G501) Supervisors  
- Courage to Lead in the Public Service (L109) Senior Managers  
Organization and Classification: An Overview for Managers (P909) Supervisors  Managers  Senior Managers  
- Organization and Classification: Tools and Methods - Part 1A (P911) Functional Specialists  
- Organization and Classification: Tools and Methods - Part 1B (P912) Functional Specialists  
- Organization and Classification: Tools and Methods - Part 2 (P916) Functional Specialists  Supervisors  
- Orientation to Classification for Non-Specialist Human Resources Advisors (P205) Functional Specialists  
- Orientation to Classification for Non-Specialists (P910) Supervisors  Managers  
- Personnel Security Screening: Advanced Level (A311) Functional Specialists  
- Personnel Security Screening: Entry Level (A310) Functional Specialists  

Information and Technology Management

- Access to Information and Privacy in the Government of Canada (I703) Public Servants  Functional Specialists  
- Managing Government Information Throughout its Life Cycle (I220) Functional Specialists  
- Information Management-Personal Awareness and Capacity Test (IM-PACT) (I004E) Online course Public Servants  
- Information Management: Assessment and Evaluation (I210) Functional Specialists  
- Information Management: Environment and Vision in the Government of Canada (I110) Public Servants  Functional Specialists  
- Information Management: Legal and Policy Framework (I120) Public Servants  Functional Specialists
- Basic Concepts in Information Management (I001) Public Servants  Functional Specialists  
- Fundamentals of Recordkeeping (I003E) Online course Functional Specialists  
- Web Accessibility Basics (T711) Functional Specialists  Managers  
- Web Accessibility Standard for the Government of Canada (T710) Functional Specialists  

Service Delivery and e-Government

- Managing Grants and Contributions (F405) Functional Specialists  Managers  Senior Managers  
- Social Media Implementation Strategy in the Government of Canada (B335) Managers  
- Social Media in the Government of Canada (B334) Public Servants  

Regulation and Compliance

- Introduction to Regulating (R001) Functional Specialists  Supervisors  Managers  
- Cost-Benefit Analysis for Federal Regulators (R004) Functional Specialists  Supervisors  Managers  Senior Managers  
Developing Effective Regulatory Impact Analysis Statements (R005) Functional Specialists  Supervisors  Managers  Senior Managers
Regulatory Performance Measurement and Evaluation (R003) Functional Specialists  Supervisors  Managers  Senior Managers  
Your Liability as a Regulator (Duty of Care) (R002) Functional Specialists  
- Controlling Authority (B339) Functional Specialists  
Controlling Authority (B339E) Online course Functional Specialists  


Policy Sectors

International Development

Economic Policy and Tax

Social Policy and Welfare



Employment, Labour and Immigration

Indigenous Peoples Policy

Cities and Community Development

Territorial Development


Agriculture and Resources

Science, Technology and Innovation

Industry, Trade and Investment

Energy, Transport and Infrastructure

Defence, Security and Foreign Relations

Policing and Justice Administration

Financial Sector and Pensions

Other Policy Sectors

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