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Policy and Management Analysis

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Albany PAD 506: Foundations of Public Management
American University PUAD-606: Foundations of Policy Analysis
Carleton PADM 5117: Public Management
Carleton PADM 5411: Organization Theory*
Dalhousie PUAD-6050: Strategic Management in the Public Sector
Dalhousie PUAD-5100: Organizational Designs for Governance and Public Management
George Washington PPPA-6001: Introduction to Public Administration and Public Service
George Washington PPPA-6006: Policy Analysis
George Washington PPPA-6011: Introduction to Public Policy, Politics and Policy Analysis
Harvard MLD-101: Management, Leadership and Decision Making
Harvard MLD-110: Strategic Management for Public Purposes
NYU Wagner PADM-2100: Strategic Management of Public Service Organizations
Queen's PMPA-809: Management in the Public Sector
Queen's MPA-874: Public Service Reform
Toronto PPG 1007: Putting Policy into Action - Strategic Implementation of Public Objectives
Toronto PPG 2021: Priority Topics in Public Administration
UCLA PP-206: The Political Economy of Policy Design and Implementation

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