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Human Resource Management (CD3)

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Articulate and apply methods for measuring and improving human performance (NASPAA, CD3)
Human resource management (UNDESA/IASIA)
Supporting workforce diversity (UNDESA/IASIA)
Incorporates equitable practices into HR planning (TBS)
Builds and promotes a safe and healthy, respectful division, free of harassment and discrimination (TBS)
Manages own and others’ work-life balance (TBS)
Works one-on-one with managers (TBS)
Supports and defends the interests of staff, as necessary and appropriate (TBS)
Deals with ineffective performance (TBS)
Provides regular feedback, acknowledges success and the need for improvement (TBS)
Coaches, challenges, and provides opportunities for growth (TBS)
Secures mediation, if required (TBS)
Balances the needs of employees and the organization (TBS)
Monitors and addresses workplace well-being (TBS)
Develops and supports career plans and learning opportunities (TBS)
Develops HR strategy for unit succession planning (TBS)
Secures funding for Official Languages and other training (TBS)
Implements rigorous HR practices and fulfils obligations of HRM accountabilities (TBS)
Accurately represents the concerns, ideas, and views of staff to upper management (TBS)

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