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[Old] Canadian Course Map
Courses in Canadian MPP and MPA Programs, organized by Subject

This site organizes courses in public management recommended offered by Canadian MPP and MPA programs under public management subjects in four domains. Each of the public management subject folders below provides a link the courses that address teaching topics in that subject. To view courses organized by institution, see Courses on Public Management in MPP and MPA Programs. The entries for some of the courses date from the 2008-2010 period and these will be updated during 2013 to correspond to the course descriptions currently university websites. Links to the current websites are found under Supplementary Resources at MPP/MPA Programs.

Tools and Skills
for Public Management

 Strategy and Structure

  Carleton PADM 5116 - Policy Analysis and Contemporary Governance
  Carleton PADM 5415- Strategic Management in the Public Sector
  Dalhousie PUAD 6050 - Strategic Management in the Public Sector
  Toronto PPG 1007: Putting Policy into Action - Strategic Implementation of Public Objectives
  Toronto PPG 2021: Priority Topics in Public Administration
  Western PA 9923 - Strategic Planning and Management (Municipal Government)

 Economic Analysis

  Carleton PADM 5111 - Microeconomics for Policy Analysis (Schwartz)
  Toronto PPG 1002 - Microeconomics for Policy Analysis (Benjamin, Baker)
  Johnson-Shoyama PUBP/GSPP 805 - Economics for Public Policy Analysis (Fulton, Zhang)
  Ottawa API 5136 - Research Methods for Public Policy
  Simon Fraser MPP 801 - Economic Foundations of Policy Analysis I

 Quantitative Methods

  Carleton PADM 5113 - Research Methods and Design I
  Carleton PADM 5114 - Research Methods and Design II
  Harvard API-202: Empirical Methods II
  Toronto PPG 1004 - Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis
  Toronto PPG 2010 - Panel Data Methods for Public Policy Analysis

 Management Sciences

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  Johnson-Shoyama JSGS866 - Public Leadership: Theory & Practice
  Victoria ADMN507 - Public Sector Leadership: Teams, Self and Organization


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 Professional Practice

Institutions, Processes and
Contexts of Governance

 Democratic Institutions and Policy Process

  Carleton PADM 5115 - Introduction to State and Society
  Carleton PADM 5117 - Public Management
  Harvard DPI-101 - Political Institutions and Public Policy
  Toronto PPG 1000: Governance and Institutions
  Toronto PPG1001 - The Policy Process
  Johnson-Shoyama PUBP/GSPP 801 Governance and Administration
  Ottawa API 5115 - The Politics of the Policy Process
  Ottawa API 5116 - Democratic Governance and Public Management
  Queen's MPA 800 - Governing Institutions

 Socioeconomic and Political Context

 Ethics and Accountability

  Carleton - PADM 5412 Ethics and Accountability in the Public Sector (Shepherd)
  Toronto - PPG 2011 Ethics of Public Administration (Heath)
  Dalhousie - PUAD 6000: Ethics, Public Service and Governance
  Johnson-Shoyama - GSPP 808 Leadership, Ethics and Democracy in the Public Service (Rasmussen)
  Ottawa- API 5135 Ethics for Public and International Affairs
  Ryerson - PA 8211 Ethical and Governance Challenges In Contemporary Public Administration (Prial)
  Ryerson - PA 8217 Accountability and Ethics

 Intergovernmental and Global Context

  Carleton PADM-5211: Intergovernmental Relations*
  Toronto PPG-2008: Globalization, Internationalization and Public Policy*
  Johnson-Shoyama GSPP-816: Tax Policy and Fiscal Federalism (MacKinnon)
  Ryerson PA 8204: Intergovernmental Relations (Inwood)
  Victoria ADMN-551: Administrative Law and Federalism

 Intergovernmental Context

 Civil Society and Advocacy

Management Functions
and Governance Instruments

 Public Financial Management

  Carleton - PADM 5214 Budgetary Policy in the Public Sector (Harris)
  Toronto - PPG/PLA 1751 Public Finance for Planners (Slack)
  Dalhousie - PUAD 5150: Public Sector Accounting
  Queen's - MPA 827 Financial Management in the Public Sector (Graham)
  Queen's - MPA 873 Budget Politics and Process (Joyce)
  Ryerson PA 8207 - Public Sector Budgeting and Financial Management (Dutil)
  Western - PA 9912 Financial Management
  Dalhousie - PUAD 6100: Modern Comptrollership

 Evaluation and Performance Measurement

  Carleton PADM 5420- Policy and Program Evaluation (Shepherd)
  Dalhousie PUAD 6520 - Programme Evaluation Seminar (Wranik)
  Johnson-Shoyama GSPP 818- Program Evaluation (McNutt)
  Queen's MPA 816- Quantitative Program Evaluation (Sahay)
  Western PA 9915- Program Evaluation

 Human Resource Management

 Information and Technology Management

 Program and Service Delivery

 Regulatory Policy and Management

Policy Sector Applications
of Public Management

 Fiscal, Montetary and Tax Policy

  Carleton PADM 5112 - Macroeconomics for Policy Analysis (Carmichael)
  Toronto PPG 1003 - Macroeconomics for Policy Analysis (Dungan)
  Dalhousie PAUD 5131 - Public Economics

 International Development

  Ryerson PA 8216 International Development Policy and Administration (Sengupta)
  Toronto PPG 2002 - Practical Issues in International Development (Radner)

 Social Policy and Welfare



 Employment, Labour and Immigration

 Cities, Urban and Regional Development


 Agriculture and Resources

 Science, Technology and Innovation

 Industry, Trade and Investment

 Energy, Transport and Infrastructure

 Defence, Security and Foreign Relations

 Policing and Justice Administration

 Financial Sector and Pensions

 Arts and Culture

 Other Policy Sectors

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