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CSPS Publications Map
Selected publications of the Canada School of Public Service organized by public policy and management subject

This page organizes selected items from the Complete List of Learning Publications by the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS). Most of these are available in PDF format from Government of Canada Publications, and can be found by using its Advanced Search site or by a simple Google search of the title below.

Page Created By: Ian Clark on 3 July 2015, last updated 18 July 2015.

Analysis and Skills

 Policy and Management Analysis

  Citizens First, Erin Research Inc., 1998
  Citizen-Centred Service: Responding to the Needs of Canadians, Various Authors, 1999
  Comparative Trends in Public Management: Smart Practices Toward Blending Policy and Administration, Colin Campbell, 2006
  From Policy to Performance: Implementing Service Quality Improvements in Public Sector Organizations, Tim Plumptre, Donald Hall, 1993
  Good Practices in Citizen Centred Service, D. Marie Blythe, D. Brian Marson, 1999
  Innovation in the Public Service, James Iain Gow, 1991
  Innovations and Good Practices in Single-Window Service, Innovations and Good Practices in Single-Window Service, 1999
  Management Model (A), John L. Manion, 1989
  Management Techniques for the Public Sector: Pulpit and Practice, Christopher Pollitt, 1995
  Managing Horizontal Government: The Politics of Coordination, B. Guy Peters, 1998
  Managing Incoherence: The Coordination and Empowerment Conundrum, B. Guy Peters, Donald J. Savoie, 1995
  Managing Strategic Change, Learning from Program Review, Peter Aucoin, Donald J.Savoie, 1995
  Moving from the Heroic to the Everyday: Lessons Learned from Leading Horizontal Projects, James Lahey, 2001
  Perspectives on Public Management - Strategic Leadership for Public Service Renewal, I.D. Clark, B. Dewar, L. Goulet, J. Davis, M. Keating, J. Côté-O'Hara, 1996
  Perspectives on Public Management - Rethinking Government, Harry Rogers, David Dodge, Gilles Paquet, Judith Maxwell, 1994
  Public Management: Emblem of Reform for the Canadian Public Service, J.E. Hodgetts, 1991
  Public Managers and Policy Communities: Learning to Meet New Challenges, Evert A. Lindquist, 1991
  Public Service Renewal: From Means to Ends, Ole Ingstrup, 1995
  Reengineering in the Public Service: Promise or Peril? Ole Insgrup, 1995
  Reinventing Osborne and Gaebler: Lessons from the Gore Commission, B. Guy Peters, Donald J. Savoie, 1993
  Rethinking Policy: Perspectives on Public Policy, John C. Tait, Mel Cappe, 1995
  Rethinking Policy: Strengthening Policy Capacity, Various Authors, 1996
  Strategic Planning in Government Administration: A Comparison Between Ottawa and Quebec, Mohamed Charih, Michel Paquin, 1993
  The Policy Capacity of Government, B. Guy Peters, 1996
  What is Public Management? An Autobiographical View, A.W. Johnson, 1993

 Economic Analysis

 Quantitative Methods

 Analytic Methods

  A Foundation for Developing Risk Management Learning Strategies in the Public Service, Ian Shugart, 2001
  A Primer on Risk Management in the Public Service, Stephen Hill, 2001
  Citizen/Client Surveys: Dispelling Myths and Redrawing Maps, Geoff Dinsdale and D. Brian Marson, 1999

 Leadership Skills

  Negotiation: Redefining Success, Joseph Stanford, 1994
  Organizing for Deliberate Innovation: A Toolkit for Teams, Ruth Dantzer, 2002
  Using Horizontal Tools to Work Across Boundaries: Lessons Learned and Signposts for Success, James Lahey, 2002

 Communication Skills

  How to Create Superior Briefings, Rod Quiney, 1991

Institutions and Context

 Democratic Institutions and Policy Process

  A Canadian Model of Public Administration, Iain Gow, 2004
  A Critical Moment: Capturing and Conveying the Evolution of the Canadian Public Service, Evert Lindquist, 2006
  The Essence of Public Service, Peter Hennessy, 1997
  Good Practices in Organizations other than the Government of Canada: Parliamentary Accountability, Results-Based Management and Management Competency Development Strategies, Jacques Bourgault,, 2005
  Governing in the Millennium: How Much Less Government? Arthur Kroeger, 1996
  Modernizing Governance: A Preliminary Exploration, J. Jenson, Paul G. Thomas, Vincent Lemieux, Peter Aucoin, 2000
  Partners in the Management of Canada: The Changing Roles of Government and the Public Service, Marcel Massé, 1993
  Post-Modern Government, Richard D. French, 1992
  Public Confidence in Government, and Government Service Delivery, Harvey Sims, 2001
  Relations Between Parliamentary Agencies and the Public Service: New Perspectives, Georges Tsai, 2002
  Responsible Government: Clarifying Essentials, Dispelling Myths and Exploring Change, Peter Aucoin, Jennifer Smith, Geoff Dinsdale, 2004
  The Horizontal Challenge: Line Departments, Central Agencies and Leadership, Herman Bakvis, Luc Juillet, 2004
  The Public Service, the Changing State and Governance, B. Guy Peters, 1993

 Ethics, Rights and Accountability

  A Strong Foundation: Report of the Task Force on Public Service Values and Ethics, J.C. Tait, 2000
  Adminisrative Morality, James Q. Wilson, 1998
  Autonomy, Accountability and Performance Measurement, J. David Wright, 1995
  Building Trust: A Foundation of Risk Management, Jean Bélanger, Valérie Baillard, Samuel Steinberg, Geoff Dinsdale, Kirk Giroux, 2001
  Equality, Human Rights and Women, Rosalie Silberman Abella, 1994
  Internal Services: Ensuring the Realization of Key Government Policy Directions While Respecting Public Service Values, Serge Rainville, 2002
  Modernizing Government Accountability: A Framework for Reform, Peter Aucoin, Mark D. Jarvis, 2005
  Perspectives on Public Management - Values in the Public Service, D.B. Dewar, J.L. Manion, Kenneth Kernaghan, 1995
  The Ethics Era in Canadian Public Administration, Kenneth Kernaghan, 1996

 Socioeconomic and Political Context

  The Myth of Shared Values in Canada, Joseph Heath, 2003
  Now Comes the Turn of Women, Arthur Kroeger, 1995
  The Decline of Civil Society: How Come? So What? Robert D. Putnam, 1996
  The Road to Gender Equality: Progress and Challenges, Jocelyne Bourgon, 1996

 Global Context

  Globalization and Governance, Donald J. Savoie, 1994

Management Functions

 Public Financial Management

 Evaluation and Performance Measurement

  Citizen/Client Surveys: Dispelling Myths and Redrawing Maps, Geoff Dinsdale, D. Brian Marson, 1999

 Human Resource Management

  A Fine Balance: A Manager's Guide to Workplace Well-Being, Yazmine Laroche, 2002
  An Inventory on Learning Tools, Peter Stoyko, 2001
  Employed Mothers: Balancing Work & Family Life, Catherine Lee, Linda Duxbury, Christopher Higgins, 1994
  How Should the Performance of Senior Officials be Appraised? The Response from Federal Deputy Ministers, Jacques Bourgault, Stephane Dion, 1993
  International Comparison in Human Resource Management Reform, Kenneth Kernaghan, 2001
  Ministerial Chiefs of Staff in the Federal Government in 1990: Profiles, Recruitment, Duties and Relations with Senior Public Servants, Micheline Plasse, 1994
  Moving Beyond the Workplace: Exploring Life's Journey, James Nininger, 2003
  Organizational Climate and Personal Projects: Gender Differences in the Public Service, Susan D. Phillips, Brian R. Little, Laura A. Goodine, Ole Ingstrup, 1997
  Profile of Deputy Ministers in the Government of Canada, Jacques Bourgault, 2004
  Renewing Organizations: Managing Workforce Transitions - The Public Service in Transition, James Nininger, Marilyn J. Arditti, 2004
  Ripples in the Pond: An Assessment fo the Impact of the "Diversity: Vision and Action" Leadership Development Course, Carl A. Taylor, 2002
  Strategic Management in the Public Service: The Changing Role of the Deputy Minister, Frank Swift, 1993
  The Contemporary Role and Challenges of Deputy Ministers in the Government of Canada, Jacques Bourgault, 2003
  The Learning Journey: A Guide to Achieving Excellence, Samy Watson, 2001
  The Satisfaction of Ministers with the Performance of their Deputy Ministers during the Mulroney Governments: 1984-1993, Jacques Bourgault, 1998
  Workplace and Workforce Task Force - Compendium of Practical Approaches, Monique Collette, 2009

 Information Management and Technology

  A Primer on Knowledge Management in the Public Service, Peter Stoyko, 2001

 Regulatory Policy and Management

 Local Government Management

 Nonprofit Management and Advocacy

Policy Sectors

 Macroeconomic Policy

 International Development

 Public Finance and Social Policy



 Employment, Labour and Immigration

 Cities, Urban and Regional Development

 Environment and Sustainability

 Agriculture and Resources

 Science, Technology and Innovation

  An Initial Exploration of the Literature on Innovation, Peter Stoyko, 2001
  Creating Common Purpose: The Integration of Science in Canada's Public Service, Arthur May, 2002

 Industry, Trade and Investment

 Energy, Transport and Infrastructure

 Defence, Security and Foreign Relations

  Advancing Canadian Interests in the United States: A Practical Guide for Canadian Public Officials, Louis Ranger, 2004
  Building Cross-Border Links: A Compendium of Canada-US Government Collaboration, Louis Ranger, 2004

 Policing and Justice Administration

 Arts and Culture

 Financial Markets

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