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Policy and Management Analysis

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Citizens First, Erin Research Inc., 1998
Citizen-Centred Service: Responding to the Needs of Canadians, Various Authors, 1999
Comparative Trends in Public Management: Smart Practices Toward Blending Policy and Administration, Colin Campbell, 2006
From Policy to Performance: Implementing Service Quality Improvements in Public Sector Organizations, Tim Plumptre, Donald Hall, 1993
Good Practices in Citizen Centred Service, D. Marie Blythe, D. Brian Marson, 1999
Innovation in the Public Service, James Iain Gow, 1991
Innovations and Good Practices in Single-Window Service, Innovations and Good Practices in Single-Window Service, 1999
Management Model (A), John L. Manion, 1989
Management Techniques for the Public Sector: Pulpit and Practice, Christopher Pollitt, 1995
Managing Horizontal Government: The Politics of Coordination, B. Guy Peters, 1998
Managing Incoherence: The Coordination and Empowerment Conundrum, B. Guy Peters, Donald J. Savoie, 1995
Managing Strategic Change, Learning from Program Review, Peter Aucoin, Donald J.Savoie, 1995
Moving from the Heroic to the Everyday: Lessons Learned from Leading Horizontal Projects, James Lahey, 2001
Perspectives on Public Management - Strategic Leadership for Public Service Renewal, I.D. Clark, B. Dewar, L. Goulet, J. Davis, M. Keating, J. Côté-O'Hara, 1996
Perspectives on Public Management - Rethinking Government, Harry Rogers, David Dodge, Gilles Paquet, Judith Maxwell, 1994
Public Management: Emblem of Reform for the Canadian Public Service, J.E. Hodgetts, 1991
Public Managers and Policy Communities: Learning to Meet New Challenges, Evert A. Lindquist, 1991
Public Service Renewal: From Means to Ends, Ole Ingstrup, 1995
Reengineering in the Public Service: Promise or Peril? Ole Insgrup, 1995
Reinventing Osborne and Gaebler: Lessons from the Gore Commission, B. Guy Peters, Donald J. Savoie, 1993
Rethinking Policy: Perspectives on Public Policy, John C. Tait, Mel Cappe, 1995
Rethinking Policy: Strengthening Policy Capacity, Various Authors, 1996
Strategic Planning in Government Administration: A Comparison Between Ottawa and Quebec, Mohamed Charih, Michel Paquin, 1993
The Policy Capacity of Government, B. Guy Peters, 1996
What is Public Management? An Autobiographical View, A.W. Johnson, 1993

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