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Ethics, Rights and Accountability

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A Strong Foundation: Report of the Task Force on Public Service Values and Ethics, J.C. Tait, 2000
Adminisrative Morality, James Q. Wilson, 1998
Autonomy, Accountability and Performance Measurement, J. David Wright, 1995
Building Trust: A Foundation of Risk Management, Jean Bélanger, Valérie Baillard, Samuel Steinberg, Geoff Dinsdale, Kirk Giroux, 2001
Equality, Human Rights and Women, Rosalie Silberman Abella, 1994
Internal Services: Ensuring the Realization of Key Government Policy Directions While Respecting Public Service Values, Serge Rainville, 2002
Modernizing Government Accountability: A Framework for Reform, Peter Aucoin, Mark D. Jarvis, 2005
Perspectives on Public Management - Values in the Public Service, D.B. Dewar, J.L. Manion, Kenneth Kernaghan, 1995
The Ethics Era in Canadian Public Administration, Kenneth Kernaghan, 1996

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