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Democratic Institutions and Policy Process

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Jonathan Craft (Simon Fraser Univ.) “At the Centre and Down the Line: Institutional Location and Appointed Political Staffs Policy Formulation Activity”
Christopher Stoney and Robert Shepherd (Carleton Univ.) “Re-thinking the New Political Governance"
Paul Wilson (Carleton U.) “Caucus Advisory Committees Under the Harper Government”
Luc Bernier (ENAP) “Crown Corporations in Quebec: An Assessment”
Malcolm Bird (Univ. of Winnipeg) “The Legacy Crowns: Institutional Adaptation and Change in the New Age"
E.R. Barreto (Fed. Univ. of Sergipe, Brazil) and Ian Roberge (Glendon College, York Univ.) “The Perils of Fiscal Federalism: A comparison of Canada and Brazil”
Charles Conteh: Understanding Multi-Level Governance Systems through a Sub-national Comparison Regional Economic Development Policy Implementation in Canada
Alex Marland: The intersection of political communication and the public service: The case of Stephen Harper’s government of Canada
Malcolm G. Bird: The Insuring Crown: Public Automobile Insurance Crowns in the Post-Neo World
Stéphanie Viola-Plante: Thème de la communication : La responsabilisation des sous-ministres canadiens devant le Parlement met-elle en danger le principe de neutralité politique de la haute fonction publique?
Patrice Dutil and Peter Constantinou: “The Birth of a New Public Governance: The Evolution of the Premier’s Office in Ontario”
Marc Duhamel and Pierre-André Hudon: Beyond Postpositivism: Perspectives on the Politicization of Empiricism after Canada v. PHS Community Services
Iain Gow: Speaking what truth to whom? Epistemological difficulties in Public Administration
Nicholas Gammer: Crossing Lines: the Afghanistan Task Force and the Uneasy Tension between Ottawa’s Bureaucracies and the Political Executive
Charles Conteh (Brock Univ.) “The Canada-Manitoba Cooperation on Regional Economic Development"
Jean-Francois Savard (ENAP), Ian Roberge (Glendon College), Peter Graefe (McMaster Univ.),Alexandre Brassard (Glendon College). “Quebec-Ontario Relations after Charest and McGuinty”
Patricia O’Reilly, Carolyn Johns, Greg Inwood (Ryerson Univ.) “The Canadian Federation’s Ability to Adapt to Changing Needs”
Sarah Giest (Simon Fraser U.) "Addition to the family: innovation governance success through network managers"
Patrice Dutil (Ryerson Univ.) “The Agencification of Public Works: Infrastructure Ontario”
Luc Bernier, Taïeb Hafsi, and Carl Deschamps: Innovation in Canadian public administrations: what, when, how and why?
Ian Roberge: The Best is yet to come: Futures Construction in Canadian Public Administration
Ken Rasmussen: The Politicization of the Public Service of Canada: The Harper Government or the Government of Canada?
Herman Bakvis and Mark D. Jarvis: Communication and Persuasion: Politicization in the Era of the New Political Governance

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