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Human Resources Management

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Jocelyn McGrandle and Frank Ohemeng (Univ. of Ottawa) “The Adoption and Implementation of Diversity Management Practices at the Municipal Level in Canada: A Contingency Perspective”
Debra Horner (Univ. of Michigan) “Local Government Officials’ Assessments of Data Use and Performance Management Efforts: A View from Michigan”
Karine Levasseur and Andrea Rounce (Univ. of Manitoba) “Government Retrenchment and Public Service Cuts: A Tale of Two Processes”
Luc Juillet (Univ. of Ottawa) “The transformation of the Merit System in Westminster Democracies"
Peter Wesolowski (Univ. of Ottawa) “Recent University Graduates’ Perceptions of Networking Fairness in the Public-Sector Job Search”
Frank L. K. Ohemeng and Jocelyn McGrandle: The Challenges and Prospects for Managing Diversity in the Ontario Public Service
Michael Atkinson, Murray Fulton, and Boa Kim: Is Pay-for-Performance in the Public Sector Politicization by Stealth?
David Johnson: Public Sector Management Development within the Commonwealth: Commonwealth Public Service Training and Development Institutes Confront the Challenges of Staff Training and Leadership Development
Raj Venugopal: Partisan hires in the Public Service
Evert Lindquist, Ken Rasmussen, Robert P. Shepherd: Promiscuous partisans? A new role for the professional public service in Canada

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