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Policy and Management Analysis

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Collaborative and Co-operative Partnerships for Service Integration
Contracting Out Government Services: Evaluating Bids
Contracting Out Covernment Services: Internal Impediments
Contracting Out Government Services: Service Requirements and Performance Monitoring
Contracting Out Government Services: Managing Contracts
Market Mechanisms in Public Service Provision
Nationally-owned Statistical Databases
Principles of Corporate Governance
Public-Private Partnerships: Establishing Institutional Frameworks
Public-Private Partnerships: Transparent Processes for Establishment
Public-Private Partnerships: Value for Money in Selection
Public Sector Management
Public Sector Reform
State-Owned Enterprises: Corporate Governance
State-Owned Enterprises: Dealing with Special Obligations
State-Owned Enterprises: Defining and Reviewing Mandates
State-Owned Enterprises: Developing an Ownership Policy
State-Owned Enterprises: Setting Objectives and Performance Indicators
State-Owned Enterprises: Structure and Governance
Universal Service Obligations

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