ILRHR 6605

Course information provided by the Courses of Study 2014-2015.

Provides students with a practioner's focus on financial, managerial, and leadership issues in the non-profit sector including universities, hospitals, environmental groups, arts organizations, government agencies, and foundations. The course will include an overview of non-profit financial statements, financial ratios, debt issuance, endowment management, credit analysis, auditing and ethics, tax issues, organizational governance issues, strategic planning, mergers & alliances, industry trends, and philanthropy. The course includes guest speakers such as the founder of a major Indian non-profit organization, the president of a foundation, investment managers and other practitioners. The course has a mid-term and final exam along with 4 five-page papers on budgeting, financial analysis, fundraising, and a merger among several organizations.

When Offered Fall.

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