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Atlas Resources
for Government Advisors


All Categories Map - links to the combined resources on each of 34 subjects in 4 domains
                         [Note: some subject sites such as Public Financial Management

                         contain further links to Additional Resources]

IGOs - links to international governmental organizations providing advice to governments

Practice Advice Map - links to summaries of advice on public policy and management topics
                        from international agencies

Topic Encyclopedia - links to over 400 teaching and advisory topics, arranged alphabetically

Reports Map - links to downloaded reports by international agencies on each subject

Country Performance Indices - links to sites that rank performance of countries

Country Performance Indices Map - the links in Country Performance Index, arranged by subject

Teaching Topics Map - links to teaching topics in each subject

Concepts Map - links to the key concepts taught in each subject

The Atlas Dictionary - links to the 1000 key concepts, arranged alphabetically 
                          [Note: this site takes about 6 seconds to load]

Competencies Map - public policy and management competencies specified by employers and accrediting agencies

Using the Search Function - tips for using the search bar to find material on the Atlas











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