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For Public Management Researchers

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Atlas Resources
for Public Policy and Management Researchers


Atlas Framework for Analyzing Curricular Content - how the field of public policy and management
                      is modeled and mapped to facilitate comparison of online content

Country Performance Indices - links to sites that rank performance of countries

Country Performance Indices Map - the links in Country Performance Index, arranged by subject

CAPPA Research Map - links to research papers at CAPPA conferences, by subject

ICPP Research Map - links to research papers at the first ICPP conference, by subject

Comparative Research Map - outline of a possible map for research centres focusing on the comparative
                     study of public policy advice and management

Competencies Map - public policy and management competencies specified by employers and accrediting agencies

NASPAA Competencies Map - the CompetencyMap links arrayed according to the NASPAA domains of universal required competencies












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