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International Governmental Organizations (IGOs)
The four major IGO providers of advice on public policy and management subjects


The four major international governmental organizations (IGOs) providing advice on public policy and management are the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Montary Fund (IMF). In addition, there are a number of regional and specialized IGOs that provide advice to governments. Links to the six noted in the Best Practices in Public Management project proposal are found below.

The Atlas attempts to map the public management advisory work of one of these IGOs, the OECD, according to the Atlas domains and subjects (see Atlas Framework for Analyzing Curricular Content). Links to relevant departments or collections within the other three agencies, plus the United Nations Public Administration Network, are also provided for comparison and reference purposes, or where the authors have deemed these additional details to be instructive. Material pertaining to these other IGOs are based primarily on a cursory review of the agency websites as they were in 2014.

Page last updated 26 December 2014 by Dave Marshall

 World Bank Links

  World Bank home page
  Open Knowledge Repostory (OKR)
  Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network
  G&PSM: Governance & Public Accountability
  G&PSM: About Us
  Governance for Development Blogs
  Governance for Development Blogs: Nick Manning
  G&PSM: Public Employment & Management
  Documents & Reports: Browse by Topic
  Documents & Reports: Advanced Search
  Governance & Public Sector Management (G&PSM) HOME PAGE
  G&PSM: Public Finance
  Governance & Anticorruption Portal
  World Bank Institute - Documents Search Page

 IMF Links

  Publications by Subject (PbS) HOME PAGE
  PbS: Public financial management
  PbS: Accounting
  PbS: Budget estimates
  PbS: Budgetary reforms
  PbS: Data collection
  PbS: Financial management
  PbS: Fiscal consolidation
  PbS: Fiscal reforms
  PbS: Fiscal transparency
  PbS: Fiscal rules
  PbS: Fiscal sustainability
  PbS: Government expenditures
  PbS: Intergovernmental fiscal relations
  PbS: Public accounting
  PbS: Public enterprises
  PbS: Public finance
  PbS: Public sector
  PbS: Tax reforms

 UN Public Administration Network (UPAN) Links

  UNPAN About Page
  International Code of Conduct for Public Officials (1997 Action Against Corruption resolution)
  Standards of Excellence in Public Administration Education and Training
  Ethics, Transparency and Accountability: Publications and Tools
  Knowledge Base of Innovative E-Government Practices
  E-Learning: Featured Learning Materials
  E-Learning: Public Administration Illustrated (6 sessions from ASPA and DPADM)
  E-Learning: Ontology (41 slides from UN University)
  E-Learning: Introduction to Electronic Government (7 sessions from UN University)

 UNDP Links

  DG: Anti-Corruption
  DG: Access to Information and E-Governance
  DG: Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund
  DG: Public Administration
  DG: Parliamentary Development
  DG: Local Governance
  Democratic Governance (DG) HOME PAGE
  DG: Oslo Governance Centre
  Governance Assessment Portal (GAP)

 Other International Agencies

  Asia Development Bank (ADB) - Drivers of Change page
  Commonwealth Secretariat - Public Sector Development page
  Eurasia Foundation - Institution Building and Public Policy page
  Open Society Foundations - Governance & Accountability page
  Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe

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