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Parliamentary, Presidential and Decentralized Unitary Systems
Perennial and Emerging Issues in Evaluation
Performance Budgeting
Performance Information as a Management and Transformation Tool
Performance Management
Performance Measurement
Performance, Public Management and Administrative Reforms
Performance-Based Arrangements for Senior Civil Servants
The Performance-Target Ethic (Behn's Report, November 2008)
Performance Targets (Behn's Report, September 2003)
Polanyi and Hayek
Policy Analysis and Contemporary Governance
Policy Design
Policy Instruments and Tools
Political and Administrative Responsibilities
Political-Bureaucratic Dynamics in National Strategy
The Practice of Effective Coaching
Pre-Election Budget Reports
Principles for Integrity in Public Procurement
Principles for Managing Ethics in Public Service
Principles of Corporate Governance
Probing the Accuracy of Rational Decision Making Models: Alternative Accounts
Prudent Economic Assumptions
Public Institutions, Organizing Principles and Democratic Control
Public Procurement
Public Services in the Age of Restraint - new public service delivery models and the quest to do better with less
Public-Private Partnerships
Public-Private Partnerships: Value for Money in Selection
Public-Private Partnerships: Establishing Institutional Frameworks
Public-Private Partnerships: Transparent Processes for Establishment
Public Sector Management
Public Sector Reform

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