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JSGS 803: Quantitative Methods

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JSGS 803  - 
Quantitative Methods 

Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School 



Provides students with the statistical concepts and techniques required for conducting research and critically evaluating empirical studies. Topics include statistical inference, sampling theory, and data and regression analysis as applied to problems in public policy.


This course is designed to introduce you to the basic principles of bivariate and multivariate regression analysis, and to apply the regression model to problems in public administration and public policy research. Various modifications to the regression model will be examined, as will several problems that often plague regression models. Finally, you will become familiar with the regression routines of STATA. This software will be used in completing class assignments.

This course emphasizes the application of statistical procedures more than the theoretical or mathematical principles behind them. While you will learn the basic theoretical principles of regression analysis, the overall objective of the course is to learn how to apply this method to diverse empirical problems in public policy.

The course has a lecture format. However, discussion is encouraged. This course outline is subject to changes during the term.

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