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PUAD 6420: Municipal Finance

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PUAD 6420  - 
Municipal Finance 

Dalhousie University 



Canadian local governments are arguably more challenged than the federal or provincial governments when raising sufficient revenue to meet their operational and infrastructure requirements. This course explores the reasons for this and puts forward potential solutions that reflect a solid understanding of the issues and sound public policy. The solutions could include greater revenue generation powers, expenditure reduction through transferring responsibilities, finding less expensive ways of providing services through internal efficiencies or outsourcing, or reorganizing municipal boundaries (territorial reform). The course begins with a focus on the fundamentals of local government finance to provide the background needed to address the broader issues. While the primary focus of the course is on Canadian municipal finance issues information on finance policies and structures of other countries will also be included. The class is conducted in a seminar style format (class size permitting).


Source: Graduate Calendar at (accessed 6 January 2014), and downloaded to the Atlas at

The attached syllabus was provided for the PPG Portal in 2010.

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