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PUAD 5140: Quantitative Methods

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PUAD 5140  - 
Quantitative Methods 

Dalhousie University 



This class is designed to enable students to understand existing statistical analyses, as well as to conduct their own. Statistical analyses are presented with focus on application in the public sector, emphasizing the importance of statistical analysis in social research and policy making. Specific topics include descriptive and inferential statistics, measures of association for nominal and ordinal variables, analysis of variance techniques, as well as linear regression. In addition to the class, students are also offered tutorials in working with SPSS and MS Excel. Student assignments require work with large data sets.

INSTRUCTOR(S): S. Mechoulan future.

Source: Graduate Calendar at (accessed 6 January 2014), and downloaded to the Atlas at

The attached syllabus was provided for the PPG Portal in 2010.  

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PUAD 5140 course outline 2009.pdfPUAD 5140 course outline 2009Judy Baroni

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Level Descriptor: First Year Masters 

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