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RSM 2120 - Health Policy and Health Care Markets

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RSM 2120  - 
Health Policy and Health Care Markets 

University of Toronto 



Application for this course is through the Rotman School of Management.

Source:, accessed 6 January 2014.

More detail from the 2009 version of the course outline below

This course is aimed at students interested in understanding the growing role of the health and health care sectors in the economy. It will be useful for students planning a career in the health care sector, or with innovative organizations that interact with the health care sector. It will provide an understanding of the role of government policy in health care, and how these policies affect the relationship between health care costs and business competitiveness.

The course will help students understand the complex interactions between health care delivery, insurance markets, health innovators, governments, and business organizations. It will help prepare students to take leadership roles in the health care sector, broadly defined, with consultant organizations, and organizations that interact with government. The course examines key issues in health care policy and markets, both in Canada and internationally. Topics include the market for medical care, the market for health insurance, the relationship between health care and the firm, physician payment, hospital delivery and competition, and the pharmaceutical sector.

The course will examine the role of government in the financing and delivery of health care, and how government decisions affect firm strategy and behaviour. It will also provide context and analysis on health care cost growth and containment strategies.


MGT 2120 - Health Policy and Health Care Markets  M. Stabile[1].pdfMGT 2120 - Health Policy and Health Care Markets M. Stabile[1]

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