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PPG 2022 - Moral Foundations of Public Policy

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PPG 2022  - 
Moral Foundations of Public Policy 

University of Toronto 



Course Instructor: Joseph Heath

This course is a study of the major normative considerations that speak in favour of or against public policy proposals, such as efficiency, farness, and considerations related to individual rights. A central theme is how policy decisions are related to, and yet are not simply decided by, everyday moral considerations.

Source: (accessed 6 January 2014)

Commentary by the Atlas editors: The class titles provide excellent candidates for teaching topics to be developed:

  • Primer on Moral Philosophy
  • Primer on the Welfare State
  • Debates over Benefit-Cost Analysis 
  • Paternalism
  • Addiction
  • Cognitive Bias 
  • Aggregative Democracy 
  • Deliberative Democracy

Page created by: Ian Clark, 24 August 2014. The content presented on this page, except in the Commentary, is drawn directly from the source(s) cited above, and consists of direct quotations or close paraphrases.



PPG2022H - J.Heath_Ethics and Public Interest Winter2014.pdfPPG2022H - J.Heath_Ethics and Public Interest Winter2014

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