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PPG 2013 - Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

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PPG 2013  - 
Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations 

University of Toronto 



This course stems from the profound impact Federalism had on Canadian public policy. The division of powers and the nature of our intergovernmental relations both constrain and enable policy makers at every level. This course aims to give students a deeper understanding and appreciation of how federalism shapes the Canadian policy process and its outcomes. It will focus especially on topics such as intergovernmental relations and negotiations, fiscal federalism, constitutional issues, and key policy domains such as the environment and the welfare state that straddle jurisdictional boundaries. Students will be asked to consider Ontario’s evolving place and approach to the federation. This course will also draw comparisons, where appropriate, to other federal systems. In addition to a comprehensive discussion of federalism and the intergovernmental world, students will be introduced some basic tenets negotiation theory and how it applies to the intergovernmental context. A distinctive feature of this course is that teams will have an opportunity to operationalize the key lessons from the course in a one day federal-provincial mock negotiation. What challenges/opportunities does Canada’s intergovernmental framework present in the pursuit of a jurisdiction’s policy objectives? What strategies should be pursued in meeting these objectives? Teams will have access to experienced intergovernmental practitioners from the Government of Ontario for advice and mentorship as they prepare and conduct negotiations.

Source: (accessed 6 January 2014)



PPG2013H Syllabus - Winter 2013.pdfPPG2013H Syllabus - Winter 2013

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