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PPG 1003 - Macroeconomics for Policy Analysis

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PPG 1003  - 
Macroeconomics for Policy Analysis 

University of Toronto 



This course examines the working of the aggregate economy. It aims to understand the key determinants of business cycle fluctuations and of development and long-run growth. Focus is on current economic research on the determination of macroeconomic variables such as output, employment, prices, and the interest rate—in the short, medium, and long run, and addresses a number of policy issues In addition, it covers the role of employment, productivity, trade and fiscal deficits, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates. The emphasis of the course is on the impact of government policies on the macro economy.
Source:, accessed 4 January 3014.

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PPG1003H-Syllabus - Winter2013_Dungan.pdfPPG1003H-Syllabus - Winter2013_DunganIan Clark

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