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PPG 1002 - Microeconomics for Policy Analysis

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PPG 1002  - 
Microeconomics for Policy Analysis 

University of Toronto 



This course covers the principles and techniques of micro economic theory that are most useful in analyzing economic aspects of public policy. It considers economic incentives and organizations; models of economic behavior; the operation of markets; the price system and how it works; the consequences of market failure and interventions in markets; and policy objectives and instruments. Students will explore current economic research relevant to key areas of public policy and will have an opportunity to apply economics to policy issues such as taxation, subsidy programs, education and health policy, and labor markets.

Source: accessed 4 January 2014.

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PPG1002H Syllabus - Winter 2013_Baker(1).pdfPPG1002H Syllabus - Winter 2013_Baker(1)Ian Clark
PPG1002 - Benjamin - syllabus Fall 2008.pdfPPG1002 - Benjamin - syllabus Fall 2008Ian Clark

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