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Chicago (Harris)

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Normed Course Outlines (Atlas)
PPM-101: Policy and Management Analysis
PPM-102: Democratic Institutions and Policy Process
PPM-103: Economic Analysis
PPM-104: Quantitative Methods
PPM-107: Leadership Skills
PPM-108: Communications Skills
PPM-109: Leadership and Communication Skills
PPM-111M: Advanced Policy and Management Analysis
PPM-112M: Advanced Democratic Institutions and Policy Process
PPM-113M: Macroeconomic Policy
PPM-114M: Evaluation and Performance Management
PPM-115M: Analytic Methods
PPM-116M: Ethics, Rights and Accountability
PPM-117M: Socioeconomic and Political Context
PPM-118M: Public Financial Management
PPM-122HM: Global Context
PPM-123HM: Environment Policy and Sustainability
PPM-124HM: Human Resource Management
PPM-125HM: Information and Technology Management
PPM-219: Higher Education Policy
Carleton (SPPA)
PADM 5115: Introduction to State and Society
PADM 5116: Policy Analysis and Contemporary Governance
PADM 5117: Public Sector Management and the Canadian Political System
PADM 5211: Canadian Intergovernmental Relations
PADM 5212: Public Policy and Civil Society - Options and Issues in Financing the Third Sector
PADM 5213: Gender and Public Policy
PADM 5214 Budgetary Policy in the Public Sector
PADM 5215 Benefit-Cost Analysis
PADM 5220 Regulation and Public Policy
PADM 5221: Health Policy in Canada
PADM 5223: Economic Policy in Canada
PADM 5224 Aboriginal Policy - The North
PADM 5225: Trade Policy
PADM 5229: The Health of Populations
PADM 5272: Risk Assessment and Management
PADM 5411 Organization Theory
PADM 5412 Ethics and Accountability in the Public Sector
PADM 5415 Strategic Management in the Public Sector
PADM 5416: Budget Management for the Public Sector
PADM 5417 Principles of Finance
PADM 5418 Human Resource Management
PADM 5420: Policy & Program Evaluation
PADM 5421: Globalizing Public Management - Measuring and Monitoring Governance
PADM 5422 Urban and Local Government Management
PADM 5423: Third Sector Governance and Management
PADM 5472: Managing Policy and Process in a Federal Government Policy Organization
PADM 5472: Technology and Public Administratin
PADM 5472: The Politics of Management: Thinking like a Manager
PADM 5510: Energy Economics
PADM 5515: Sustainable Energy Policy
PADM 5614: Natural Resource Management
PADM 5615: Policy and Politics of Energy in Canada
PADM 5618: Environmental and Ecological Economics
PADM 5672: Innovation Policy
PADM 5813 The Evolution of World Bank/IMF Policy
PADM 5814 Program and Project Management
PADM 5815: Civil Society Organizations and Development
PADM 5816 Program Evaluation in Developing Countries
PADM 5818 Theories of Development
Chicago (Harris)
PPHA-31100: Statistics for Public Policy II
PPHA-31000: Statistics for Public Policy I
PPHA-31920: Decisons and Organizations
Dalhousie (SPA)
PUAD 5100: Organizational Designs for Governance and Public Management
PUAD 6050: Strategic Management in the Public Sector
PUAD 6300: Alternative Programme Delivery
PUAD 6450: Economics of Health Policy
PUAD 6505: Interest Groups - Function and Management
PUAD 6555: Management of Information (EGovernment) and Public Administration
PUAD 6570: Equity and Diversity in the Public Sector
PUAD 6780: Comparative Development Administration
Harvard (HKS)
API-101: Markets and Market Failures
API-102: Economic Analysis of Public Policy
API-201: Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Methods
API-202: Empirical Methods II
API-208: Program Evaluation
API-303: Game Theory and Strategic Decisions
API-505M: Policy Analysis
DPI-101: Political Institutions and Public Policy
DPI-201: The Responsibilities of Public Action
DPI-801: The Arts of Communication
MLD-101: Management, Leadership and Decision Making
MLD-110: Strategic Management for Public Purposes
MLD-201: Exercising Leadership - The Politics of Change
MLD-401M: Financial Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
PED-210: Public Finance in Theory and Practice
PED-308: Social Institutions and Economic Development
PED-309: Development Policy Strategy
PED-501M: Native Americans in the 21st Century - Nation Building I
SUP-205: Inequality and Social Policy
SUP-321M: Designing Social Security Systems
SUP-701: Crime and Criminal Justice - Reform in Global Context
SUP-442: Tackling the Toughest Challenges in Modern American Higher Education
NYU (Wagner)
PADM-GP.1011: Statistical Methods for Public, Nonprofit, and Health Management
PADM-GP.2147: Corporate Finance and Public Policy
PADM-GP.2413: Philanthropy and Public Policy
PADM-GP.24401: Community Issues in Criminal Justice (0.5)
PADM-GP.2446: Public Policy and the Arts
PADM-GP.4111: Managing Service Delivery
PADM-GP.4150: Leveraging IT for Performance Management
Ottawa (GSPIA)
API 5106: Globalization and Governance
API 5116: Democratic Governance and Public Management
API 5135: Ethics and Moral Reasoning for Public and International Affairs
API 6317: Immigration, Diversity and Public Policy
API 6336: Canadian Defence Policy
API 6337: Peace Operations and Post-Conflict Reconstruction
API 6339: International Institutions
API 6351: Globalization and Developing Countries
API 6399: Capstone - Contemporary Topics in Public Management
Queen's (SPS)
MPA 800: Governing Institutions
MPA 801: Applied Analytical Methods
PMPA 809: Management in the Public Sector
MPA 827: Financial Management in Canada’s Public Sector
MPA 874: Public Service Reform
Sask-Reg (JSGS)
JSGS 801: Governance and Administration
JSGS 815: Strategic Human Resource Management
JSGS 818: Program Evaluation
JSGS 827: Health Care Organization and Administration
JSGS 828: Project Management
JSGS 835AM: International Trade Policy
JSGS 838: Public Sector Financial Management
JSGS 847: Strategic Planning for Non-Profit and Public Organizations
JSGS 853: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
JSGS 854: Higher Education Policy
JSGS 863: Aboriginal Peoples and Public Policy
JSGS 865: Decision Making in Organizations
JSGS 866: Public Leadership: Theory & Practice
JSGS 868: Resource and Environmental Policy
Toronto (SPPG)
PPG 1000: Governance and Institutions
PPG 1001: The Policy Process
PPG 1002 - Microeconomics for Policy Analysis
PPG 1003 - Macroeconomics for Policy Analysis
PPG 1004: Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis
PPG 1005: The Social Context of Policy Making
PPG 1007: Putting Policy into Action - Strategic Implementation of Public Objectives
PPG 1008 - Program Evaluation for Public Policy
PPG 2001 - Comparative Health Systems Law and Policy
PPG 2001 - The Law and Policy of Protecting the Environment
PPG 2001 - The Law and Policy of Work in the New Economy
PPG 2001 - The Theory and Practice of Independent Regulation in the Policy Process
PPG 2002: Current Issues in International Development Policy
PPG 2002: Practical Issues in International Development
PPG 2002: Public Finance
PPG 2003: Capstone - A Canadian Priorities Agenda: Process, Criteria, Choices
PPG 2008: Globalization, Internationalization and Public Policy
PPG 2010: Panel Data Methods for Public Policy Analysis
PPG 2011: Ethics and the Public Interest
PPG 2013 - Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
PPG 2014: Leading Change and Getting Things Done
PPG 2017 - Urban Policy
PPG 2021: Priority Topics in Public Administration
PPG 2022 - Moral Foundations of Public Policy
RSM 2120 - Health Policy and Health Care Markets
UCLA (Luskin)
PP-252: Introduction to Environmental Policy Analysis
PP-290: International Poverty and Economic Development
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