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Quantitative Methods

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Courses dealing with Quantitative Methods

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Carleton PADM 5114- Research Methods and Design II (Galdo)
Dalhousie PUAD 5140- Quantitative Methods (Mechoulan)
Johnson-Shoyama GSPP 803- Quantitative Methods for Pulblic Policy (Rounce)
Johnson-Shoyama PUBP 811- Quantitative Methods and Research Design (MOU)
Queen's MPA 805 - Quantitative Methods for Public Policy (Lehrer)
Ryerson PA 8103 - Research Methods (Burke, Rubsenson)
Simon Fraser University MPP 805 - Research Techniques and Quantitative Methods I + II
UBC POLI572A - Quantitative Techniques of Political Analysis (Cutler)
Toronto PPG 1004- Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis (Oreopoulos, Frazer)
Toronto PPG 2010 - Panel Data Methods for Public Policy Analysis (Grootendorst)
Victoria ADMN 502B - Statistical Analysis
Western Ontario PA 9914 - Research Methods
York (Glendon) PAIA 6003 - Research Methods

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