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International Development

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A Public Policy and Management Subject in the Policy Sectors Domain

International Development

This public policy and management subject explores major topics in the field of international development. More specifically, it examines the ways in which public policy can promote economic growth and poverty alleviation in low- and middle-income countries. Two of the central questions that practitioners and students in the field of international development confront are: why are so many people in deep poverty and what can be done about it? Other topics examined within this subject area are environmental protection, education, health, poverty alleviation and civil service reform in development policy and administration. The study of this subject should include an emphasis on policy and program evaluation to help students improve their understanding of what development strategies have succeeded in the past and under what conditions.


 Teaching and Advisory Topics in International Development

 Courses dealing with International Development

  Ryerson PA 8216 International Development Policy and Administration (Sengupta)
  Toronto PPG 2002 - Practical Issues in International Development (Radner)

 Topics, References and Concepts primarily associated with International Development

  Concepts primarily associated with International Development
  Topics with References primarily associated with International Development

 Topic sites associated with International Development

  Aid and Development
  Community Based Development, Individual Empowerment and the Problem of Scale
  Democracy, Accountability and Human Rights

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