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Global Context

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A Public Policy and Management Subject in the Institutions and Context Domain

Global Context 

This public management subject, under the Institutions and Context domain, deals with intergovernmental relations within a country and with the implications of ongoing developments in the international political economy. Courses in this subject examine the division of political and administrative power and the nature of relations between governments. This includes the relationship between sub-national states and the national government, between sub-national governments and municipalities, and between nation states. Topics include the implications of federalism for democracy, regional tensions, and the institutions and mechanisms that enable policy and administrative coordination. Courses also address the policy-making implications of internationalization and globalization, including the implications for domestic policymaking of an increasingly global economy and/or the phenomenon of global public policies and global policy-making. Specific topics covered may include: the growing importance of international institutions, the internationalization of domestic policy-making, the implications of globalization for state sovereignty and democracy, and globalization-induced policy convergence.


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