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Intellectual Property

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 A Teaching Topic in Information and Technology Management

Intellectual Property

This teaching topic introduces students to the concept of intellectual property, asking them to consider the major moral and practical considerations policymakers must take into account in determining how and to what extent to recognize intellectual property rights. Students learn about the concept of copyright, and the differences that exist between different approaches to intellectual property rights taken by developed countries around the world.

Recommended Reading (University of Toronto, PPG 2011)

William M. Landes and Richard A. Posner, “How to Think About Copyright,” Ch. 2 of The Economic Structure of Intellectual Property Law (Harvard University Press, 2003), 37-70

 Jane Ginsburg, “The Concept of Authorship in Comparative Copyright Law, 52 DePaul Law Review (2003), 1063-1092  

Paul Steidlmeier, “The moral legitimacy of intellectual property claims: American business and developing country perspectives,” Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law (2001), pp. 91-132

Source: University of Toronto PPG 2011 Syllabus

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