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Online Service Delivery

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Online Service Delivery

This topic examines the forces driving government to move service delivery online. It presents an overview of such initiatives across a range of jurisdictions (Carleton PADM 5472B). This topic examines what it means to utilize the Internet in the design and implementation of citizen-centred service delivery.

Topic Learning Outcome: Upon mastering this topic, students will be knowledgeable about the key reasons why governments around the world are working to deliver more services online. Students will understand the potential benefits of this evolution in the way government services are delivered and the most important potential drawbacks and risks.

Core Concepts associated with this Topic: Context of Information Practices; Innovation Networks; Citizen-Centred Service Delivery; Quality Services Initiative; Service Delivery; Service to Citizens (towards a New Public Administration theory); Forward Mapping (in implementation analysis); ImplementationContext of Information Practices; E-Governance; E-Government; Knowledge Management.

Recommended Reading

Carleton: PADM 5472B Technology and Public Administration

Brown, David. 2007. “The Government of Canada: Government On-Line and Citizen-Centred Service” in Borins, Sanford et al. Digital State at the Leading Edge. Toronto: Toronto University Press. pp. 37-68.

Reddick, Christopher G. & Michael Turner. 2011. “Channel choice and public service delivery in Canada: Comparing e-government to traditional service delivery.” Government Information Quarterly 29: 1-11.

Sample Assessment Questions 

1.)   What are some of the potential benefits to governments and citizens associated with increased online service delivery of public services? Please discuss in a short (2-3 page) paper, with examples.

2.)   What are some potential complications from attempts to expand online service delivery that can lead to undesirable unintended consequences?


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