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Health System Financing

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A Teaching Topic in Health Policy

Health System Financing

This topic teaches students how health care is financed in Canada, and discusses similarities and differences between the Canadian approach to financing and approaches used in other jurisdictions. Specific attention is paid to federal-provincial arrangements surrounding health system financing, and the debate over the appropriate role of user fees.

Recommended Reading (Carleton University PADM 5221): 

A. Maslove, “National Goals and the Federal Role in Health Care,” National Forum on Health, 1998.

A. Maslove, “Health and Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements: Lost Opportunity”, How Ottawa Spends, 2005-06.  

Barer, M., V. Bhatia, G.L. Stoddart, and R.G. Evans. 1993. The Remarkable Tenacity of User Charges: A Concise History of the Participation, Positions, and Rationales of Canadian Interest Groups in the Debate over 'Direct Patient Participation' in Health Care Financing. Vancouver, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, University of British Columbia.

S. Abay, W. Goodman, J. Mintz, “Funding Public Provision of Private Health”, C. D. Howe Institute, May 2002.

Source: PADM 5221 Syllabus, 2012

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