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Health Policy and Canadian Federalism

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A Teaching Topic in Health Policy

Health Policy and Canadian Federalism

This topic is devoted to studying the history of and issues surrounding Medicare and the accompanying federal-provincial fiscal arrangements. Students are specifically asked to consider the likely impact of the federal government’s unilateral declaration of a funding formula after 2014.

Recommended Reading (Carleton University PADM 5211): 

Herman Bakvis, Gerald Baier, and Douglas Brown, Contested Federalism (Oxford, 2009). Ch. 10.

Herman Bakvis and Grace Skogstad, Canadian Federalism: Performance, Effectiveness and Legitimacy, third edition, Oxford, Don Mills, 2012. Ch. 7, 8. 

Source: PADM 5211 Syllabus, 2012

Page Created By: Matthew Seddon, 02 July 2013

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