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Historical Injustice and Global Justice

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A Teaching Topic in Ethics and Accountability 

Historical Injustice and Global Justice 

This teaching topic asks students to consider the extent to which there is an ethical obligation for addressing historical injustices, and how these obligations can be met effectively. Students also are introduced to the concept of “global justice,” and differing perspectives on the nature of the ethical responsibilities that individuals and governments have to people in other countries.

Recommended Reading (University of Toronto PPG 2011)

Jeremy Waldron, “Superseding Historic Justice,” Ethics (October 1992), 4-28

Thomas Nagel, “The Problem with Global Justice,” Philosophy and Public Affairs 2005, 113-147  

David Miller, “National Responsibility and International Justice,” in Deen K. Chatterjee, ed., The Ethics of Assistance: Morality and the Distant Needy (Cambridge University Press, 2004), 123-146

Charles R. Beitz, “Cosmopolitanism and Global Justice,” Journal of Ethics 9 (2005), 11-27

Mathias Risse, “Do We Owe the Poor Assistance or Rectification?” Ethics and International Affairs (2005) 9-18  

Source: University of Toronto PPG 2011 Syllabus

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